Use WIFI in coffee shops, travel agents, etc

This is a pretty obvious thing to most travelers, but worth listing here to clarify what happens in Australia.

Major Coffee Shop brands in Australia always have WIFI for their customers. Smaller and independant coffee shops have wifi as well as they don't want to miss out on customers that might have their coffee elsewhere.

Some will attach the access to WiFi to the purchase of a brew while others will just have an open network that prompt you for some basic details and maybe text messages you a passcode as a way of verifying who you are and recording it.

Coffee operators recognise the need to have some basic security in place in case there is some criminal activity associated with the Internet access which needs to be later investigated by the police.

Starbucks is very popular in Australia as you would expect across the world. Other  coffee shop chains and franchises that a popular just in Australia include Coffee Club and Gloria Jeans.

The popular place for travellers to find Internet for free is at the backpacker and traveller discounted travel agents that appear in most tourist centres and amongst hostel centric suburbs and towns.  it is quite common for these travel agents to offer Internet for free as a way to get travellers to spend time in their store which they believe in turn will get them a sale later on. Caution: In other chapters of the guide there is a discussion of the best way to get better pricing for tours which should be read before new consider anything to our friends are packaged products from these discount travel agents.

So take advantage of the discounted or free internet access in the tour agents and think carefully before booking any tour with them.

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