Ask for help from Grey Nomads

Grey Nomads is the term for the large number of retired Australians regularly traveling the country in large 4 wheel drives (4x4's) towing even larger caravans with all the trimmings.

These gently aging people have often left their own kids or grandchildren behind on their grand adventure and there lies the opportunity. If you are working holiday traveler less looking young or less than 25 years of age, you will find Grey Nomads a delight to approach.

Typically found in camp sites, road sides and caravan parks across Australia, they can be approached for a "bit of sugar", even if you have some, and they will be very willing to offer some. If your timing is good, then a casual enquiry into your country of origin could develop into a long talk, sandwich or invite to dinner.

Generous to the end, a Grey Nomad could become a great resource, friendship with a possible follow through of hosting at a future time, or being directed to stay with friends of their at the next destination.

John Nayler

Digital Marketer. Sailor. Speaker

John Nayler

Brisbane, QLD

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John Nayler

In a world where it is critical to cut through the noise and stand out, John Nayler quietly delivers significant competitive advantage through an in-depth knowledge and intense fascination with content, information and the digital world. Describing his first contact with the internet in 1998 as ‘Love At First Sight’, John successfully created the laptop lifestyle before it was a buzzword, growing a highly regarded digital and media agency, inventing and commercialising products, and launching niche magazines, from aboard his boat in the Whitsunday Islands – one of the most sought after island locations in the world. Competitive advantage is a hard-contact, tactical game which can be won or lost in the digital space. John’s education and commitment to his field, and experience at the forefront of marketing and management in the IT space, delivers an innate understanding of how to position, communicate and leverage to deliver improved visibility, lead flow, and ultimately drive sales and profitability.