Get your CV right and get the english checked

Its is a common occurrence to see travelers arriving in Australia without making preparations to find work.

Australia is a relaxed country and approaching business owners and managers for work is easy and mostly welcomed.

You will need to present the employers with a short CV or Resume as a way of formalising your application. They will expect to see a printed, stapled document without crumples or creases.

It is best to keep it concise, so less than 2 pages openly spaced for easy reading.

In Australia, you don't have to include date of birth or photo, but it is accepted as a nice touch.

It has been widely tested and found that including your time of stay seen negatively during application. You might like to exclude your VISA status, as employers are best to like you first before you tell them that you can't stay with them forever. :-)

Ensure that you have a native speaker proof read and improve your CV/Resume. Even better if it is checked by an mature age Australian person. Either way, your grammar / english should be suitably formal and correct.

You should also get yourself a Australian "Tax File Number" as soon as you arrive in Australia, if not before. You will need to supply this immediately before or at the start of your first day of work in Australia. This number is the Tax Office's way to track your income and tax during your stay. In most cases you will find it possible to get a refund of some or all of the tax paid. Changes to the tax legislation in 2015 reduced the amount of tax that a traveling worker can get back.

Some jobs also require "RSA" (Responsible Service of Alcohol), "White Cards", "Blue Cards" or other, but more about that elsewhere in the guide.

In the end you should arrive in Australia with a CV/Resume nicely prepared and ready for job interviews. If you have one done perfectly in your word processor or MS Word and be sure to .PDF it as well. The PDF can be emailed, uploaded. The MS Word / Word processed version can be modified and printed as needs for specific job applications.

The increased popularity of Google Docs is another great place to keep your CV/Resume ready to modify, PDF, print or email in your Google Drive. "On the Cloud" is probably the best place to keep your CV in Google Drive and ready to go at a moment's notice. Perhaps you will find yourself spontaneously in an interview some time and able to send the CV from your Google Drive instantly to impressive the prospective employer.

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