Shack up, hook up, become a PUA

This suggestion is for the more open minded traveler and includes a discussion of what really happens on tour.

There are no shortage of people that use their time traveling to enjoy greater freedoms of who they sleep with.

At all times its important to protect personal safety and practise safe sex.

That being said a quite survey of any backpacker hostel or bar on any given night in any corner of the world will reveal sexual tension about to unfold.

Encouraging this is the natural curiosity one has regards relationships with people from other countries.

Should you be curious about Australian girls or guys you will find them open, friendly and quite forward in some circumstances. So there is plenty of opportunity to connect for a short, medium or long term in Australia.  there are also plenty of cases where relationships last for the term of some travel, road trip or expedition. Born of coincidence, there is convenience in these liaisons.

For the more adventurous guys there is also a lot of knowledge available online and through clubs to be part of a "Pick Up" group. The education you receive as part of these clubs aims to build confidence and technique for meeting women.

Similarly, there is material out for Women that have trouble meeting the right guy.

The outcome of travel relationships can result in considerable cost saving, travel opportunity and networking with locals.

Care should be taken that you do not find yourself in love and finding it hard to leave Australia. It is a very common tale of breakups forced by departure from Australia, creating emotional drama that has a considerable hangover period. On the bright side, Australia has pretty good processes, although expensive, for partners to migrate to Australia on the appropriate Visa.

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