Drink water if you are hungry

In the modern day it is common for everyone to get access to three (or more) good meals every day. Ready availability of food in the house, supermarket or fast food outlet means that we all can react to the feeling of hunger with immediate relief. We don't live with hunger and therefore have built up no resistance to the feeling of hunger.

Evolution has taught our bodies and mind that real need for food should be acted upon and up until recent times this mean hunting, searching or working for food is a priority. Given that in the primitive era, time from hunger to eating might be large, the hunger feeling kicked in pretty early.

The lesson here is that hunger kicks in a long time before you will die from starvation.

We act on hunger so quickly these days, its is no wonder that most western countries are having an explosion of obesity.

So if you are hungry, it might as simple as drinking some water, or eating something small to remove the feeling and eat later.

John Nayler

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John Nayler

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