Would you sell a car to this guy???

Camping gear for sale, car included

Camping Gear for sale, Car included.

Mon 11 Feb 2008
With a third visit out of the way to the Kings Cross car market, where all the backpackers sell their wheels, I finally had the confidence in the 92 Holden Commodore from this lovely Swedish couple.

Having driven up the east coast, to the centre and down to Adelaide, this car had seen some miles.... but seemed in good order for the money. Apparently that was the 2nd time it had done that trip.... Before that, the log book said "Kodak, North Ryde"... and judging by the replacement panels and bits this car had seen a knock or two! Interestingly not a drop of oil was trailing from this mode of transport, which made it distinctly different to every other car at the market.

The car market itself is quite and experience. You struggle to park safe in the infamous Kings Cross, checking the nature of the passers buy as you lock the car you arrive in. You then descend 3 flights of stairs to the lower levels of the Kings parking lot. Not quite subterranean, the dampness and darkness set the mood for an interesting scene. Down here there are perhaps 20 cars for sale, lots of vans, lots of flogged out Magna's and Falcons.... The current travelling owners seemingly chained to the walls on long tethers, they had gathered in card playing groups. Their complexion betrayed them. The number of days in the darkness had stolen their North Queensland tans that they would proudly show off on facebook replaced by a semi translucent appearance, burnt in by fluorescent light. These guys are only a couple of shades darker than the those see through prawns they find in the crevasses of the sea floor many km's away from the sun's rays.

This place really is a must see for tourists to Sydney and quite a cultural treat as well. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, after 3 visits and examinations I test drove then purchased the car. The brakes were definitely questionable, the body ok, the wheels... well don't go there, but the array of camping gear. Multiple inflatable beds, 2 man tent, 6 man tent, gas stove, cooler, dolphin torch, camping site guide, tools, warm beers... the list goes on. In the end the car handed over for $2000. 90km south, two new tyres costs $250 replacing the ones with the belts showing... 200km south the air-con ruined the afternoon for a couple of auto-sparkies that seemed so willing to have it out with my cars refrigeration system. Another 450 big uns... and I was only getting warmed up!

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