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Mon 10 Feb 2014
As a long term, vastly experienced Couch Surfer, Airbnb is a natural progression from supplying free accommodation in my home to now having people rent rooms on a regular basis. In this article I explore the benefits, the differences and how to go about setting up an Airbnb account. is a web site that connects travelers with "in home" accommodation providers across the world. Its be around for quite a few years and is a fully mature accommodation matching system. It has a complete web site which allows you to set up and manage an account, manage your accommodation listings, payment options, calendar management, references and reviews. The system is backed with various insurances (that should fully explore for yourself).

Probably the most powerful element is the reviews, where guests and hosts are encouraged to review each other after staying. This gives a high level of safety and inspires both parties to act in a courteous manner.

Contrasting and
Since 2009 I have hosted over 450 people in my home, on my boat and on the road via, had great experiences mostly, encountered a couple of cultural difficulties and had one or two mean spirited people. The search facilities of CS (Couch Surfing) allow you find places to stay across the world with the commitment of host to not charge for the accommodation. Its great that people like me provide this across the world. The catch with Couch surfing is that it attracts the low budget (or zero budget) traveler who might become a burden on your fridge, your friends, your internet quota or other consumable that the most lecherous will set upon. The Couch Surfing network is more about college and 20 something's hanging out together.

The contrast with Airbnb is about the type of people and the demographic that you encounter. Having hosted under 10 people thus far, a definite pattern has emerged.

Mature age - Airbnb guests are likely to be over 30, with the oldest thus far 65

Respectful - The guests have been very courteous, clean and friendly

Financed - Airbnb guests have paid to stay and arrive understanding that things cost money

Well travelled - Everyone of my guests have been well travelled or truly nomadic

Setting up an profile
Starting out with, particularly if you just intend to guest with the network is simple.

Here are some instructions for setting up the basics
1. Follow this link to earn a credit and give me one too:
    Click to join
2. Click on Sign up
3. Put in your personal details or sign up using Facebook
4. Go to the Dashboard link at the top right
5. Click "Edit Profile" below the space for your profile photo
6. Work through top 3 items shown at the left hand side "Edit Profile", "Photos and video", Trust and verification

Here are some notes in relation to the information you supply
- The more information you supply, the more people are going to trust you
- Describe yourself in 100 words or more. Team potential hosts a little about your life, work history and countries you have lived. With travel networks I have always found it good to be light hearted and entertaining. It breaks the ice.
- Upload a clear photo. Once again, a nice friendly photo is going to help you seem more trustworthy than using something that belongs in your passport.
- Use some of the verification steps to earn some creditworthiness from Airbnb in your profile

To sign up, please use this link so you and I get a credit! Click to join

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