Party friends

Costumed friend

Drink concoctions

Faced bananas

Met a kangaroo German girl (recently back from Australia)

Thursday party district

Friday stylish costume

Frechen Parade

Drumming woman that I met last year

Posing with a Pirate

Mirrored carriage in main parade

Huge floats and people line the street

Kitchen party look out

Chocolate haul (came flying through window)

German Captain Morgan on his day off

The Dom was there the whole time

Crowded train to Dusseldorf

Kids wait for parade in Duetz

Costumes in the supermarket perfectly fine

People of all ages get involved

The Nubal takes the fall

Karneval 2014

Thu 06 Mar 2014
Drinking too much at Karneval 2013 had an unusual hangover - I committed to coming back for Karneval 2014. Yes, a few too many beers obligated me to come back to Cologne, the costume capital of the world... and innovation centre for same.

It was good to see friends again, know the words to the songs and rejoice in the full and implemented ban on smoking in bars as of this year. (It was banned last year, but no one cared).

Unlikely as it is, there has been no snow this year and the temperature has stayed about freezing... so instead of freezing, it was merely cold. Nights of near Zero released to days of double digit Celsius action. There was a little rain to be avoided, but otherwise clear skies.

The itinerary went something like this:
Wed: fly in arrival to Frankfurt and slow train transfer to Cologne
Thursday: Dress up and party in the bar / club district with 10,000 costumed party goers
Friday: Rest until attending a party bar in the evening
Saturday: Rest until attending the "Ghost Train" walk from North of town, feat. Zombies, witches and all manner of dark creatures
Sunday: Attended the region parade at Frechen and scoop up candy galore in a Kangaroo costume
Monday: Gain entry to a Kitchen party overlooking the main parade with crammed in friends, beer, food and candy / chocolate bars flying through the window.
Tuesday: Attend in the city region parades in Duetz and Sulz for some more customed fun. Go out at midnight to watch the local bar burn its "Nubel" - a straw figure that takes the blame for all the mis-behaviour during the year and other bad luck befalling the people and city during the year.

Karneval in Cologne has to be one of the largest drinking parties of the year, which might cause for concern - but despite the large number of people in town, there is no sign of violence at all! Well trained and well costume, most all are in high spirits.

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