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Route des vins d'Alsace Organic Winery

Sun 15 Jun 2014
Very happy to take the option in my Strasbourg weekend to head out with a group to the Route des vins d'Alsace and visit the Clos Meckert winery in Heiligenstein.

Located just to the south of the center of town intersection, the winery has a very traditional set up, including a small courtyard where we had lunch and were able to chat about the current world (cup ;) and other important issues.

The tour was conducted by Yannick, who is the latest of the multi-generation wine making family that has operated for 200 + years in the same place.  The very interesting part of the story was Yannick's decision to turn to organic wine making, and more so that his practices represented a return to methods used by previous generations. Simple things such as perfecting a way to turn and till the soil between the rows of the vineyard to keep the weeds down. The lack of chemicals allowing the natural soil processes to do their thing along with the ants and worms.

The result in the drinking was a very tasty drop, 6 or 7 actually. On a blind test  I choose the Edelwicker, finding it a nice "middle of the road"... Neither sharp of flat for taste, it was readily enjoyable. Edelwicker incidentally, is a name and style owned and typical to the Alsace region.

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