Old trams are common

Czechs love their Skodas

Modern Skoda

Local mens club

Brnos most expensive Penis

Decorative faceds are common

Old bus in Brno

Old tram

Summer palace in the South

Palace in the south

Brno - in and around

Sun 22 Jun 2014
Spent 2 nights at Brno. Stephanie has traveled with a USA guy who now lives in Brno.

Great place to stay and Michael is a 1000+ hosting CS member, so he is naturally a generous and well traveled host.

Went to a bit of a CS Picnic in a hill top park and learned these facts
- Z in Czech scrabble scores only 2 points, not 10
- Brno has major operations for IBM and Red Hat (Linux) so there are lots of ex pats
- Czech is famous for cheap beer, but in reality life is not that much cheaper than West Europe
- Czech Republic has 60% (around) atheism

A central joke in the town of Brno is the shape of the clock sculpture that was revealed in 2013. In the shape of a giant sex toy, its become a central point of discussion.

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