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Ottoman period mansion

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Caddebostan, Kadıkoy, Istanbul

Fri 25 Jul 2014
Staying some days at a very nice CS apartment prep'd for Airbnb at suburban Caddebostan Kadıkoy, Istanbul, Turkey.

The host here Naz has lived in the UK 20+ years and has come home to Turkey where people are more genuinely friendly. She is a career life coach and tutor, having moved to the UK back then to enjoy a freedom not available in the "then" Turkey.

People here are great - they love to engage in discussion, which often ramps up to invitations for beer, dinner, guide you around etc. Unfortunately this there is a tiny percentage of scammers based around the same format of hospitality, which leaves you a little suspicious.... overcome the doubts and an interaction will typically turn out wonderful.

In the photos here, is Goon - Alp, not sure how you spell his name properly, but the jolly chap was at the waterfront with a group of facebook mates, having a sunbathe, drinking a beer and inviting me to join. Along the was conversation in broken english and the rescue of gull who had fowled his legs with fishing line and a float. Goon Alp to the rescue. I took over the iphone speaker to play some tunes and eventually snoozed after two 1/2 litre Extra beers (7.5%). The world went on around me.

Kadikoy is a complete change from Europe side Istanbul - traffic actually moves, the streets are laid out with some order, the buildings have green space around them. It really is chalk and cheese to the break neck overcrowded Europe west side Istanbul. The place I am staying is quiet (save some construction next door) and no Mosques in ear shot = sleep in.

The green spaces around the area include extended access right along the waterfront with a paid beach or two, marinas and boat repairs going on and a super new park that features computer timed and music set fountain, rose garden, extensive children's play area and pirate ship. The manicured deep grass is perfect for a lay about and afternoon snooze with the current summer temps in the low 30's.

It really is a classy area and I can see why Naz has set up her new apartment here. With new furnishings and AC... its a real treat to be here and I am glad that I have been able to help out with a review of her new airbnb account. Some staged photos (sans SLR :( ... but plenty of colour ... and some marketing oriented words for the home stay profile.

Real easy to take some days out here during "life abroad"... Even have the VW Polo parked right out front.

There are a couple of strange things about Turkish life, like terrible sidewalks and no tides in the sea..... I keep referring to it as a parallel world, like the type that would always turn up in Star Trek episodes

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