Working Holiday Visa Australia backpacking savings and making money

Access our guide of 119 tips for saving, making money, travel, tours, partying and having a great time during your working holiday travel in Australia.

Each tip is concisely written and has relevant links so you can learn quickly and then enjoy.

Get great ideas to save and earn money on your Working Holiday in Australia

Travel Tips

Find out how to travel for less in Australia on your working holiday.

Cheaper Accommodation

Find cheaper working holiday accomodation while traveling Australia.

Working in Australia on your Visa

Some great ideas and plans that have worked for others during their working holiday Australia

Cheap Tours

You have your working holiday Visa for Australia, now you can think about ways to get more adventure.

Save Money

During your working holiday Visa Australia backpacking adventure, travel smart to save money as you travel.

Telephone, Internet and Messaging

Stay in touch with friends and family with the cheapest ways to get Internet, which SIM cards are the best.

Partying and Entertainment

For your Australia working holiday visa travel in Australia you will want to party and experience, we have a some great ideas for you.

Eating, Drinking, Smoking

Australia working holiday travel is all about having a great time. Our guide has some great ways to enjoy the party and save.

Staying clean, showers, clothes

Keeping yourself clean and your clothes smelling fresh in such a warm and dusty country like Australia can be done cheaply if you know how.

Read these tips


Collect Facebook contacts so you can stay with friends of friends

99.9% of people travelling these days have a Facebook account. Its a staggering domination of the wo...

Ask to camp you car, van in at a farm, or even in someone's driveway

When road tripping in your van or typical Australian car (see elsewhere about car selection), you ar...

Get a HELPX account

The HelpX or Help Exchange web site has been around since 2002 and is well known in travel and backp...

Get a WWOOFING Account

Popular for many years as a way for working holiday visa travelers to get "second year time", the Au...

Hostel discount cards

Australia has a large and well networked hostels. Many tourist centres now featured a branded co...

House and pet sitting

House and pet sitting is something that has been popular for many many years. Since the Internet st...

Last minute hotel accommodation

As a working holiday traveler Australia it won't be typical for your budget to extend to using hotel...

Register an account on

A hight percentage of Australians are friendly welcoming type of people and there is no better way t...

Shack up, hook up, become a PUA

This suggestion is for the more open minded traveler and includes a discussion of what really happen...

Stay using

Airbnb has become an incredible success across the world. From humble beginnings with 3 guys offerin...

Wikicamps app and Camp book for cheap / free places to stay

Camping across Australia is a very popular thing and many retired people, nomadic workers and backpa...

Work in hostels for accommodation

Hostels love to recruit staff from there guest population. Across Australia and the world it is incr...

Camping gear from Kmart or Target

Camping gear in Australia varies for quality and price. Brands like Jackaroo and Coleman have been a...


Garage sales for saving or making money

Garage sales are a favourite way for Australians to get rid of unwanted things about the house or ap...

Shop at DFO, Direct Factory Outlets near airports

DFO stands for "Direct Factory Outlet" which are shopping centres near Australian major airports, an...

Wear board shorts or bikini every day

Elsewhere we talked about ways to keep your cabin baggage and checked-in luggage to a minimum so can...

Buy clothes at Opp Shops

"Opp shops" or "Opportunity Shops" are second hand clothing stores operated by charity and aid organ...

Buy shoes and clothes in Asia

Frequently arriving to Australia with a stop over in an Asian country. It is very well known in t...

Buy smart shoes

It might seems a little obvious, but so often you find working holiday travelers who have 4 of 5 pai...

Clothes swaps at Hostel

Hostels often have a clothes swap bins or shelves that you are welcome to go through, swap with, or simply take....



Free wifi at Officeworks and Ikea

In an effort to attract more customers and keep them happy some major retail chains have put free wi...

Use ALDI sim cards

Australia has three telephone network operators, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Australia is a larg...

Use McDonalds wifi

McDonald's the world by brand fast food is probably be the world leader in supply free wifi and clea...

Use WIFI in coffee shops, travel agents, etc

This is a pretty obvious thing to most travelers, but worth listing here to clarify what happens in ...

Wifi and Computers in Libraries

There are still plenty of places in Australia where there is a charge for Wifi access to the Interne...


Go wine tasting

Australia has many "wine regions". Some of the most popular are: Hunter Valley, NSW Granite B...

Make home brew beer

Australia is one of the more expensive places in the world to drink alcohol and there is not much yo...

Refillable water

Australia has become a country that loves to charge for bottles of water. Outrageously prices can ge...


Free BBQ's at Beaches and Parks

Travelers in Australia are often amazed to find that our parks all across Australia have free electr...

Keep everything in the fridge so it lasts longer

Travelers visiting Australia from another country typically come from climates that where food can b...

7 11 have $1 coffee and $2.50 donut

Some convenience stores have rolling specials or discounted items to encourage you into the store. ...

Asian restaurants and take aways are generally cheaper in Australia

Australians are always amazed to find the price of Asian food so high when visiting other countries ...

Drink water if you are hungry

In the modern day it is common for everyone to get access to three (or more) good meals every day. R...

Eat dinner at lunch as lunch menu prices are cheaper

Most of the restaurants across the world do most of their business at night and with more seats full...

Shop for food at ALDI

Shopping at ALDI has become a favourite pastime for Australians. prior to the arrival of our lease ...

Shop at the end of the day

As with most supermarkets in organised countries, Australia has laws and business systems that encou...

Try new foods and accept meal offers

This might seem obvious so many people go traveling when they have a resistance to trying new food. ...

Tuesday night meal deals and 1/2 price

It has become fashion in Australia for restaurants, takeaways and cinemas to have a 1/2 price or dea...

Free shelf at Hostels

Sometimes you will go hungry and sometimes you will have a feast, but its common for hostels to have...

Salt pepper sugar sauce from fast food and coffee shops

Its a simple and easy way to save some money and completely obvious, but typically fast food stores ...

Dumpster dive

Due to regulation, insurance and company policy it is very common for food to thrown in the bin at t...


Cards and board games

Have a favourite board game or card game? No better time to take up a passion for cards than during ...

Intro accounts on iTunes music and Spodify

At the time of writing, Spodify had an introductory offer of 3 months for .99c per month. This gives...

Look lost and/ or making friends in the street

The working holiday travelers that appear to have a gift for making friends are incredible to behold...

Ask for help from Grey Nomads

Grey Nomads is the term for the large number of retired Australians regularly traveling the country ...

Volunteer at festivals

Volunteer at festivals Australia has a very strong culture of festivals which are held year round...


Showers at beaches

While on the road and traveling along the coastline you'll be pleased to know that most popular beac...

Making Money

Fruit picking might be a bad idea for making money

Fruit picking is thought to be a popular and profitable job opportunity in Australia. So many wor...


Free sailing on Wednesdays, Fridays for free with twilights

Through Australia and many places of the world, sailing and yacht clubs conduct regular sailing boat...

Hitch a ride on a boat

Australia has an active sailing sport community and a small percentage of the population live on sai...

Set up a blog, instagram and facebook following to get free tours

Lots of working holiday travelers dream about making big money becoming travel writers or profession...

Volunteer for tour operators

Where ever you are in Australia there is probably a tour operator that takes bus loads of people to ...


Shop for the lowest price fuel

If you have taken advice elsewhere this in guide and purchased a diesel van or petrol Ford Falcon wa...

One way car rentals for $1 per day with car relocations

Rental cars and rental campers are often driven one way by holidaying international tourists. As the...

Save Woolworths and Coles fuel vouchers for 4c discount on fuel

Australian groceries retails put a 4 cent discount fuel vouchers on the bottom of shopping receipts ...

Ask departing backpackers for transport cards

Working holiday backpackers that are leaving Australia to return home or going to another country c...

Buy a typical Australian car or van

When purchasing a car in Australia it's important to choose a vehicle that is very typical or common...

Buy cars from locals

When purchasing a car it's going to be one of the biggest investments in your working holiday in Aus...

Road trip and ride share in groups

Ride sharing and road tripping together are very popular for travelers and backpackers in Australia....


Care should be taken when using hitchhiking. Australian people and police have a reservation about p...

Look at Australian state of registration when buying a car

Australia has a state based system of car and vehicle registration. Each of the states maintain t...

Buying bus passes from other travelers

From time to time travelers change plans and sell an unused portion of the bus pass. It happens ...

Getting a job

Finding a job before coming to Australia

Finding a job before coming to Australia can be a bit challenging for a number of reasons. - Aust...

Go back to preferred businesses again and again

If there's a particular employer or job type that you're looking for that a specific then you might ...

Negotiate a cash rate for trail work shifts

There is a growing trend in workplaces across Australia to offer prospective employees the opportuni...

Get your CV right and get the english checked

Its is a common occurrence to see travelers arriving in Australia without making preparations to fin...

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